Wednesday, 2 December 2009

To be performed...

Love floating like a butterfly,
Way above your head so high.
Spreading its wings –
So free.
Full of beauty it moves,
In and out of you.

Scouting through you,
Finding places to lay its eggs,
To keep you.
Feel close to you.
It journeys.
Like a butterfly –
Fanning its wings.

Love floating like a butterfly,
A tranquil song filling the room,
Your favourite song,
Our favourite song.
Our bed, our lips, our lives –
Entwined together.

It moves through me –
With care, Tenderly -
Taking in every piece of me.
Appreciating every lump and bump.
Travelling slowly –
Having time to see everything.

But one day,
Unexpectantly –
The butterfly died,
Along with me.
Leaving me an empty shell,
Of whom I am now allowed to be.
And leaving me with –
a lot of what we used to be.