Saturday, 20 March 2010

Rest in peace...

Uncle Brian

They tell me today
that you have died.
I hate to think of you
alone, scared without anyone to love you.
I don’t think the world can forgive itself
for turning its back on you,
on your condition,
on a part of you.

At last your mind can relax,
the many confusions you had...
You can be yourself now.
Don’t worry about going up there
to heaven,
you will be accepted
for exactly who you are.

I find it hard to shed a tear for you,
as I think of you living alone all this time.
You struggling to find a person to love you,
to love all the different stages of you.
We tried,
We loved you.
I know it was hard when you were here.
At least you are safe now,
safe from the people who taunted you,
safe from the people you thought were trying to hurt you,
and safe from the memories of her.

Thank you for being who you were.
You were given a bad hand
in life that others take for granted.
The odds were against you,
and now you are finished.
We will miss you,
you must not feel alone Bri.
We know that you’re happy now,
to watch over us,
to free your mind at last.