Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I suppose I better start with something...

This is a poem I wrote about a really tough part of my life, probably the hardest thing I've been through and had to deal with. I still think about it all the time and it will never leave me.I wrote this poem with the intention of explaining how raw the emotions were at this time and how the physical and emotional feelings never leave you.

Come back to me

Away from my walls,
Gurgling for my help,
You ask for me, my love.

Slipping yourself away,
No longer a part of me,
Just tissue and crimson.

Passing your way through,
Carrying a piece of me,
On your journey to death.

I lost you,
And I’ll never get the chance
To tell you.

I loved you,
I often think of you,
My little angel.

I’m sorry,
I did not think before,
That I would not see you, to tell you.

I miss you,
A part of me,

Come back to me,
My baby,
I want to love you,

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